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Better Together Will Be The Name For The Integration Of Android Into Chrome OS


The future of Android and Chrome OS is about working together to take Google’s two operating systems to the next level. Together, and not separated, they’ll both work better together. Therefore, Google launches Better Together.

Better Together is the name for the integration of Android into Chrome OS

Better Together is the name of the Android and Chrome OS combination that will allow your Chromebook and your mobile phone to be much more connected. Pending the arrival of Fuchsia OS, the two operating systems will continue to work independently, but this does not mean that there is no room for a connection to centralize everything in Google services.

So far, the function has appeared in the Canary channel of Chrome OS, in beta state, but without any possibility of activating it.

The switch appears, which does not generate any action, and a link seems to learn more about it, but it does not lead to any page.

Therefore, we are talking about the fact that only the name has been revealed, although it is a step that indicates that the development of this function is still going on.

It seems that Android P will come out with Better Together function

Previously, a feature called SMS Connect had been seen that would serve to connect the SMS app to Chrome OS. This way you can reply to messages directly from your computer without having to use your mobile phone application.

Android Messages and Chat will be two of the main pillars when it comes to establishing a multiplatform experience between our phone and your Chromebook.

Also, in the third Android P preview version for developers this Better Together Android and Chrome OS integration appears as a pre-installed app, which suggests that when Google launches Android P in its final version, the combination will be there.

Chromebooks have evolved a lot in recent years, and this will only be one more step to establish the Chrome OS operating system among the majority of the users.