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Become a Skilled Football Manager with FootballCoin


Football is considered by some a form of art that requires enhanced strategy and smart tactics. Fantasy Football is a game category in which players have to assemble an imaginary team of real life football players and score points based on the players’ actual performance and their contribution on the field. The players are selected from a specific division in a particular country such as the European famous football leagues UK, Italy, Spain, but also international competitions like Champions League or the World Cup.

Overall, the game is based on real-life chosen players that show real-life performance. All of this and more features are available in a new Management Game called FootballCoin.

FootballCoin and its main features

FootballCoin is the first blockchain based football e-sport platform. The most original feature of this platform is the fact that it successfully manages to blend advanced cryptocurrency technology with traditional sports. This is without a doubt one of the most innovative ideas of this kind.

The game allows you to create teams, choose your players and enjoy football competitions. The best thing about this is that if the players you choose perform well in real life, you’ll get to be rewarded with XFC – the game’s cryptocurrency – which you can then use inside or outside the game by exchanging it for other cryptocurrencies on digitaltokens.io.

Sign up is free and so are most of FootballCoin’s contests. Of course, you can use XFC to join the paid contests organized by users. Players will also get the chance to purchase blockchain-based collectible cards as football player or stadium cards.

The collectible cards are also a cool feature. Once you buy a player card or a stadium card they are yours to use until you decide to sell them or trade them in the game’s market place. All cards are issued in limited edition and are corelated to the real players: the more performant the player, the more expensive the card. Beginner level football players cards are usually free.

The fun part is that most of the international football stars are there, and you can really assemble the team you always dreamed of.

Intense level of competitiveness and the chance to act like a real football manager

Football Management games have a lot of fans these days, and the only “downside” about them is the fact that they can get you addicted because they are fun. FootballCoin, for instance, provides its players with an intense level of competitiveness and it allows you to display your amazing tactics and strategy skills.

You can for example enter competitions organized by your friends, or you can play against them in the same competition and see the results in the final leaderboard.

Basically, FootballCoin is the digital version of Fantasy Football with the chance of getting real prizes from the convenience of your smartphone or laptop.

FootballCoin is set to change the way we play Fantasy Football

FootballCoin allows you to enjoy real-life rewards and this is the natural progression enabled by the new and innovative blockchain technology. Things are fascinating because this is only the beginning of how blockchain technology will be used in the gaming industry. Blockchain technology ensures data safety and transparency. Considering the massive amount of people who are already involved in playing Fantasy Football, there’s no doubt that FootballCoin will gain worldwide adoption soon.

Closing words

The uniqueness of the platform lies in the way that elements are taken from the most popular football games, and they’re combined with the original concept and the innovative platform just to show the world the massive potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. FootballCoin is one of the most original projects on the market, and its vast potential was not ignored. The platform is currently partnering with the world’s mainstream sports news, data, image and video content suppliers and right owners such as Omnisport-Perform Group in order to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrency. Are you in? For more information you can check out the FootballCoin’s platform.