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Asus Zenfone Max Pro 2 is a Mid-Range Smartphone that Looks Amazing!


Even though it’s been a long while since Asus has launched a bestselling smartphone, the company is not ready to give up yet. Asus is renowned in the tech industry for creating some of the best laptops, but the company wants to extend its reach and take over the smartphone market as well.

Nonetheless, Zenfone Max Pro 2 is the name of Asus’s next-generation flagship smartphone and this is the device that the company hopes will compete against the likes of Apple’s iPhone XS and Samsung’s Galaxy S9.

Asus Zenfone Max Pro 2

Luckily for us and other smartphone fans, the official press render for Zenfone Max Pro 2 has been leaked. The leaked press render confirms to us that Zenfone Max Pro 2 is in the making and that it will hit the US, European and Asian markets in the upcoming future. Not just that, but the press render leak also reveals some important features that this smartphone will have to offer.

Leaked Press Render

The leaked press render shows us that Zenfone Max Pro 2 will feature a full-screen design that is equipped with a top-notch. This is a nice design that puts Zenfone Max Pro 2 in the same category with Apple’s iPhone XS Max, thus bringing proof to the fact that Asus wants this flagship smartphone to compete against the best.

Fingerprint Scanner

One of the most interesting things that we can take from this latest press render leak is that Zenfone Max Pro 2 will feature a rear mounted fingerprint scanner. This is great news for Asus fans because Apple’s Face ID technology has been proven to have its flaws and that a physical fingerprint scanner works much better than a face scanner.

Lastly, Zenfone Max Pro 2 will ship with a dual camera-setup that is mounted on the rear side. Although, this feature should come as no surprise since smartphones are becoming more camera centric with each year.


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