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Ashton Kutcher Gave Ellen DeGeneres $4 Million In XRP For Her Charity Wildlife Fund


Actor Ashton Kutcher is also a tech investor, and he surprised Ellen DeGeneres during her show with a massive donation to her wildlife charity on behalf of Ripple.

The $4 million that Kutcher and his business partner Guy Oseary gave to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund comes in XRP coins. XRP is currently the third most valuable crypto on the market just after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Kutcher surprised Ellen with the donation, on behalf of Ripple just live on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on NBC.

“You’re always thinking about everyone else,” Kutcher told her. “We wanted to show you that people are thinking about you.”

Kutcher joked that, typically, such a large donation might come with a “big, giant check,” but the actor instead had the host push a button on his phone which transferred millions of dollars worth of the crypto to the charity instantly.

Kutcher invested in Ripple via tech investment fund Sound Ventures 

The actor and Oseary who is a friend of Ellen’s invested in Ripple via their tech investment fund called Sound Ventures.

The fund has also invested in tech startups such as cloud-based business software company called Zenefits. It’s also worth noting that the actor was an early backer of massive startups such as Uber and Airbnb.

“Ripple is basically a platform to allow people to transfer money from bank account to bank account, person to person, really securely, really simple, really quickly,” the actor said.

He is a noted fan of the blockchain technology that supports cryptocurrency, and he described what Ripple does on DeGeneres’ show.

Ripple managed to find fans among high-profile financial institutions, and it teamed up with huge names such as American Express, money transfer company MoneyGram and global banks such as Swiss-based UBS and Spain’s Banco Santander, to offer customers blockchain-based digital payment solutions.