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Apple Watch Series 4 Will Support LTE Connectivity


The Apple Watch is considered as one of the most successful devices that the Cupertino based tech giant has ever released. Every time a new Apple Watch launches, the device sells out almost instantly. Now that Apple is working on a brand-new one, it should come as no surprises that iOS fans have something to be excited about.

With that said, today we are going to take a look at what’s to expect from Apple Watch Series 4 which is will be unveiled on September 12th during Apple’s “Gather Round” event.

The “Gather Round” Event

One week ago Apple started sending out invites to a special event that will take place on September 12th. The only memo that Apple that attached to the invite was the following message “Gather Round”. Nonetheless, Apple is expected to reveal its three new iPhones and the highly anticipated Apple Watch  Series 4 during the event.

Bigger Screen

The first thing that Apple fans are going to notice when looking at the new Watch Series 4 is the fact that its screen will be bigger. A recent leak showed that Watch Series 4 will feature a screen that measures in at 42mm, which is significantly bigger than the current 38mm screen used by Watch Series 3. In addition, the side bezels have been slimmed down.

LTE Support

The folks at 9to5Mac managed to get their hands on a leaked picture of Watch Series 4 (featured above) and this showed to everyone what the wearable device is going to look like.

However, the circular red ring that is placed on the digital crown shows us that Watch Series 4 might be the first Apple-made wearable device that ships with support for LTE connectivity.

Let’s hope this proves to be true because Apple really needs to install LTE support to Watch Series 4 if it wants the device to become a bestseller.