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Apple Watch Series 4 – New Features, ECG Support and Redesigned UI


Apple’s highly anticipated press conference took place yesterday and the event lived up to the expectations. Apple announced lots of new devices, but the one that stole the spotlight was Watch Series 4. Even though the entire world was excited to see Apple’s next-generation iPhone lineup, Watch Series 4 managed to become the star of the show with its new design, smaller bezels and bigger display.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple COO Jeff Williams got on the stage and made the following statement: “Apple Watch has become an intelligent guardian for your health”. After making this statement, the COO went on to reveal Watch Series 4 to the entire world. The wearable gadget comes with lots of improvements when compared to its predecessor and we are going to list them all!

New Features

  • Bluetooth 5.0 Support;
  • Redesigned UI (user interface);
  • New Design;
  • ECG app and electrical heart sensor;
  • Swim-proof;
  • Louder speaker;
  • Two times faster hardware performances than Watch Series 3;
  • Optical Heart Sensor.

Redesigned UI

One of the most important changes that Apple made to Watch Series 4 was to its UI. The modular watch face is now packed with more detailed complications such as the ones developed by third-party companies like Lifesum and MLB. In addition, the popular Breathe app is getting its own face.

ECG Support

Apple Watch Series 4 supports ECG. This is a big advancement in wearable technology because it allows the smartwatch to measure the electrical activity of a heart. This means that Watch Series 4 owners will be able to take the ECG results to their doctor for analysis. To make things even better, Watch Series 4 owners will only need to place their finger on the digital crown in order to perform an ECG which is a simple process.