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Apple Watch Series 4 “Fall Detection” is Disabled by Default


Watch Series 4 is the latest wearable gadget created by Apple and everyone has been talking about it ever since it was unveiled during the “Gather Round” event that took place on September 12th. Watch Series 4 is marketed as the “most powerful” smartwatch that Apple ever made and it ships with lots of unique features that other smartwatches lack. Therefore, Watch Series 4 is expected to become a best seller.

Fall Detection

One of the most interesting features that Apple showed off during its recent “Gather Round” event is called Fall Detection and as its name implies, this feature has a special algorithm that uses the next-gen gyroscope and accelerometer in order to detect whenever the user falls.

Things get even better than this since the Fall Detection feature will also provide users with a bunch of options if they fall such as to call a contact like a family member to help or the emergency services.

Apple is Restricting the Feature

Even though Fall Detection is one of the highlight features of Watch Series 4, Apple is restricting it. A Reddit user managed to find an Apple support document which reveals that Apple Watch will activate Fall Detection only if you are over 65 years old.

The news that Apple is restricting this cool feature is causing Watch Series 4 fans to be outraged. Most of them are saying that if they paid for Watch Series 4, they are expected to get the full Watch Series 4 experience which includes Fall Detection.

Apple Fans are Outraged

One Apple user said: “I’m 50, and a cardiac patient but I don’t fit in the same category of people who receive access to Fall Detection”. Apple really needs to release a software update where it changes the age restriction on this feature because it’s not fair!


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