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Apple Reveals MacBook Pro 2018 with Third-Generation Keyboard


As we all know, Apple and Google are in a never-ending operating system war. The two companies offer mobile operating systems that are designed to feature premium user experiences and impressive hardware performances.

Nonetheless, Apple has made a reputation for itself by always launching new iOS updates that introduce small software tweaks that take the user experience that its devices have to offer to the next level.

Apple Keyboard

Apple started a special Keyboard Service Program for MacBook and MacBook Pro last month. The reason Apple did this is because a recent poll showed that MacBook and MacBook Pro users who purchased the 2015-2017 models don’t really like the way the keyboard works. In fact, some are saying that a couple of keys feel “sticky” and that they don’t work correctly.

Sticky Keys

Even though Apple acknowledged that some of its MacBook Pro keys are problematic, the Cupertino based tech giant didn’t want to go into detail about this. The only thing that Apple said is that some of these keys have certain “behaviors” that need to be changed and that dust is probably what’s causing this issue.

New Keyboard Free of Charge

Seeing how MacBook Pro lineup represents the best laptops that Apple has to offer, the tech giant felt compelled to offer new keyboard changes free of charge. Apple doesn’t want to lose its fan base and it’s doing all in its power to ensure them a premium user experience.

2018 MacBook Pro Models with Third-Gen Keyboard

Apple surprised the entire world last week when it announced that it plans to launch a new lineup of MacBook Pro 2018 models. To make things even better, Apple unveiled that the new MacBook Pro 2018 models will feature a third-generation keyboard that will not get dusty anymore.


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