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Apple Removes iOS 12 Developer Beta Preview 7 After Reports of Performance Bugs


Apple keeps rolling out new iOS 12 developer beta previews which means that the Cupertino based tech giant is almost ready to release the final version of its new operating system. Unfortunately, it looks like things are not going too well for Apple.

The seventh iOS 12 developer beta preview rolled out on Monday and it contained so many bugs that Apple was forced to stop rolling it out immediately.

iOS 12 Developer Beta Preview

Even though this is a beta version of Apple’s upcoming operating system, the seventh developer beta preview of iOS 12 featured so many bugs that the Cupertino based tech giant felt forced to pull it off. Hours after the update launched, Apple started removing all OTA (over the air) updates and pulling the update from beta testers who already installed it.

Performance Issues

From the looks of it, the new iOS 12 update altered the performance of the devices that it was installed on. User reports are showing that the seventh iOS 12 developer beta preview caused high-end devices such as the latest iPhone X to have issues when opening apps or doing normal stuff such as using Face ID to unlock.

The apps would take up to ten times longer to open than normal and the Face ID unlocking animation would bug out. Fortunately, Apple is not wasting any time and it’s already patching these issues.

Worrying Trend

If we take a look at what the iOS community is saying, we will see that most users are concerned about iOS 12’s stability. Even though the new update caused performance issues, iOS 12 is still in beta and all these performance issues are surely going to be fixed before the public version of iOS 12 starts rolling out. Therefore, Apple fans don’t have anything to worry about.


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