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Apple Plans On Releasing An Amazon Prime-Like Service With Music, Videos, And News, All-In-One


Rumors continue about Apple’s plans to create its own Netflix-style video service. If a few days ago it was revealed that this service could be cheaper than Netflix itself, today, new information is coming out on this topic, and it seems that it would be more like an Amazon Prime service.

According to some new rumors, Apple is preparing a package of services that would include Apple Music, Apple Video, with TV series, movies and videos, and a better news service than the actual Apple News. So it would be a plan with more facilities than Netflix, something more like Amazon Prime.

Apple Music, Apple Video and Apple News, all in one significant Amazon Prime-like service

Apple Music rolled out a few years ago and had grown steadily to 50 million users ever since. Apple’s music service includes some video programs, as well, but its primary function is still music streaming.

On the other hand, we know that Apple is producing original content, as there are already several series and programs confirmed, and all indications are that we could watch Apple’s video streaming service in early-2019.

And, finally, there will be a new and better Apple News, currently offered only in a few countries. So, Apple plans to improve its news service and, in this regard, a few months ago Apple bought Texture, a digital magazine service.

All these services together – That’s what Apple plans

It would make a lot of sense to bring all these services together into one. Music, video, and news in an entertainment pack that nobody currently offers.

Rumors are that the prices of subscriptions plans will be lower than those of Netflix, which is necessary because Apple’s content cannot be compared to that of Netflix or Amazon Prime. At least, not for the time being.

While Apple may offer this joint service, the information ensures that the company will continue to provide its services separately, too. So if you’re an Apple Music user, you can continue to use this service alone.