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Apple Overhauls iPhone Security with iOS 12 – New Anti-Hacker Features


Apple is getting closer to launching the highly anticipated iOS 12 update and the Cupertino based tech giant keeps releasing information about the new features and software tweaks that the upcoming operating system update is going to introduce. From the looks of it, Apple is putting all its focus on improving the security of iPhones and today we are going to present everything there is to know about iOS 12.

Before we get into it, we need to mention that Apple is putting a high price on user security and the fact that iOS 12 is focused on improving the security that iPhones offer should not come as a surprise. With that said, let’s check out the latest iOS 12 news.

Group Video Chat is Now Encrypted

One of the coolest things about owning an iPhone is getting to use FaceTime. Well, it looks like Apple wants to make sure that FaceTime video chatting is more secure than ever because it added encryption.

Apple is known for encrypting everything in its software starting with simple messages and ending with location data that is logged by apps. Fortunately for iPhone fans, Apple is giving the same treatment to FaceTime.

FaceTime video chatting is now encrypted, and this means that iPhone fans will never have to worry about a third party app or hacker intercepting their call. This is a peace of mind for iPhone fans who are worried about malware and other types of tracking software.

Better Protections Against Hackers

As previously mentioned, iPhone fans don’t need to worry about hackers spying on their video chats anymore. However, Apple wants to take things to the next level because it makes it even more difficult for hackers to open iPhones.

Apple has made it so that an iPhone that hasn’t been locked for an hour will automatically switch the Lighting port to a neutral state, which means that hackers can’t use any connections to take data from the device. To make a comparison, the same thing happens wthout iOS 12 but the iPhone needs to be unlocked for seven days straight for the Lighting port to switch to a neutral state.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is the most efficient way of making it impossible for hackers to break into accounts. Nearly all third-party apps feature this authentication system and we advise everyone to use it. This system requires a second code that is usually sent to the user’s iPhone which means that there is no possible way for hackers to break into an account without getting a hold of an unlocked iPhone.

On the downside of things, the two-factor authentication system can be a little bit annoying because of how much time it requires for users to login. Luckily, Apple is coming with a solution for that downtime in iOS 12 because it makes it possible for iPhone fans to utilize two-factor authentication via the Security code AutoFill option.

Therefore, iPhones that receive a unique app security code will automatically introduce the code into the app’s login screen. Let’s hope that Apple’s tweaked out two-factor authentication system makes it easier for iPhone owners to adopt the system.

iOS 12 Reduces Ad Tracking

Apple has made it clear that it doesn’t want third-party apps to track iPhone owners. Apple is already blocking third-party cookies from tracking iPhones in Safari, but the Cupertino based tech giant wants to implement the same system to first-party cookies as well. Therefore, Apple is guarantying that people who use iPhones will never have to worry about someone tracing their location or online purchases.