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Apple: New Displays For Surprise Devices


Apple is in the process of developing latest-generation displays for new, completely unexpected products. Cupertino has big plans for the second trimester of 2019 and the first part of 2019.

A new partnership for new products

Apple attacks the smartphone and smartwatch market with brand new displays they are developing in partnership with TSMC as we speak. TSMC is a surprise partner in the american company’s efforts. Apple is developing micro LED displays for the iPhone and Apple Watch; the smartwatches are going to be the first to have this new type of displays implemented.

Apple’s Smartglasses

Separately from the Apple Watch and the iPhone, Apple is developing these micro LED displays for a new AR wearable, too! There have been numerous talks about the smartglasses Apple is developing, however until now the company has not managed to finish the product. However, maybe the micro LED displays will simplify the process.

Apple is developing micro LED displays for iPhone, Apple Watch, Macbook and smartglasses

If the micro LED displays project proves successful, then Apple has the intent to use them in Mac devices, too. Until we get to that, though, there’s a long way ahead. If Apple’s plans become reality, then the first micro LED screens for the Apple Watch might even be produced in 2018, while those for the iPhone might be produced starting in 2019.

Smartglasses must not be forgotten, and we might see the first micro LED screens for those in 2019, too, but everything depends on how development goes. Apple wants to produce screens that will make their products different on the market.

The micro LED screens are superior to the OLED screens when it comes to brightness, color accuracy and energy consumption, so the new displays are surely going to be very appreciated indeed.

Are you looking forward to buying a pair of Apple smartglasses with the new displays? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! And as always, stay tuned for more Apple news and info!