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Apple Makes iOS 12 Siri Smarter in Hopes of Defeating Amazon’s Alexa


Apple used to have a reputation for always innovating the tech industry with new features, sleek designs, and innovative apps. However, the Cupertino based tech giant has been left behind now that the industry is more competitive than ever and Siri is a great example of that. Just take a look at how much more capable and popular Amazon’s Alexa is when compared to Siri.

The interesting thing about this is that Apple promised that Siri was going to change how everyone uses their smartphones when the AI Assistant was first launched, but Siri never lived up to the promise. However, it seems like Apple wants to deliver on that promise and make Siri “smarter” in hopes of surpassing Alexa.

Apple WWDC

As all Apple fans already know, the company recently hosted a developer conference dubbed as WWDC and that’s where it unveiled its plans for the future.

Apple announced that one of the most significant upgrades that the new iOS version will feature is a smarter Siri. Considering that Amazon’s Echo smart speakers are super powerful, Apple really needs to step up its game if it wants to make Siri better.

A Smarter Siri

During the WWDC conference, Apple said that the first thing iOS fans will notice about the new Siri is that it’s able to answer new queries. In fact, Apple gave an example of this type of queries by asking the following question: “How much caffeine is in the coffee?” and Siri instantly responded with accurate information.

Another major upgrade that Apple plans to give Siri will make the AI Assistant able to learn and anticipate what its user’s needs and wants. For example, Siri will learn if users who order the same beverage every day and automatically give them an option to pre-order that drink before they even step foot outside the house.

Multiple Tasks

As we already mentioned, Siri is getting smarted and one of the coolest features about it is that it will be able to handle multiple tasks. Let’s say for example an iOS user tells Siri the following “I am heading home”, Siri will then automatically provide the user with a navigation route via Apple Maps, adjust the home thermostat and even send a text message to the user’s spouse such as “I am coming home in 15 minutes”.

App Integration

One of the biggest changes that Apple fans will notice about Siri is that the AI Assistant will feature better app integration, especially apps created by third-party developers. Siri is already capable of opening up third-party apps, but that’s about it. Apple fans can’t send tweets or post Facebook post pictures via Siri vocal commands, but things are going to change.

Apple showed during the recent WWDC conference that Siri can now perform lots of other actions when it comes to third-party apps such as ordering an Uber, sending messages through WhatsApp and much more.

In addition, the Cupertino based tech giant mentioned that app developers all around the world would receive access to Siri once iOS 12 is released. Therefore, Siri will be available in all apps starting this fall.

Siri Has an Edge Over Alexa

Even though Alexa is currently more powerful than Siri, Apple’s AI Assistant actually has an edge over Alexa. iPhone and iPad devices have access to millions of apps while Amazon’s Alexa is limited to tens of thousands.

Therefore, Apple’s plan to provide developers with better Siri integration in their code is a direct “jab” towards Amazon’s Alexa. Nonetheless, iOS 12 will launch this fall and that’s when will get to test out Siri’s new features.