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Apple iOS 12 Changes How People Receive Notifications


Apple hosted its WWDC event during last week and that’s where the Cupertino based tech giant unveiled all of its upcoming software changes, including the overhaul of the notification system. iOS 12 is scheduled to come out in the nearby future and the most significant change that Apple fans are going to notice is that the notification system is new.

iOS Notifications

This past couple of months, Apple has received lots of criticism for its notification system. Android currently has the upper hand when it comes to notifications because Google’s operating system automatically sorts them in panels while Apple doesn’t. In addition, dismissing low priority notifications is way easier on Android than on Apple.

On the bright of things, Apple is paying attention to the feedback its receiving and the upcoming iOS 12 will overhaul the notification system so that fans can have what they want. With that being said, let’s see what Apple fans can expect of the new iOS notification system.

Group Notifications

Apple wants iOS to be on the same level with Android and therefore, iOS 12 will allow users to group their notifications. Let’s say for example Facebook sends ten notifications about people liking your pictures, iOS 12 will automatically place them in the same panel and they will appear in a drop-down menu when taped on.

Another great thing about thing about iOS 12 is that it makes easier for third-party app developers to deliver notifications to iPhones and iPads. There are thousands of apps which feature their own in-app notifications such as news for example and Apple is letting developers create a deep-link into their own apps.

iOS Keeps Evolving

While these notification changes aren’t too important, what really matters is that iOS keeps evolving and that Apple is on a never-ending quest to enhance the operating system’s performances and the user experience that it offers.