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Apple HomePod Will Receive Phone Call Support in iOS 12


Apple announced a lot of exciting things during its recent WWDC event but there is one thing that Apple didn’t talk about, HomePod updates. Apple focused the entire WWDC event on the upcoming iOS 12 software update and what type of features it will introduce while completely overlooking HomePod.

However, it seems like Apple was, in fact, preparing a major update for the HomePod because a new prompt which can be spotted in the latest version iOS 12 developer preview reveals something interesting about the HomePod.

HomePod to Receive Phone Call Support

The HomePod prompt shows that the device will receive phone call support in the upcoming future. This is great news for Apple fans since the phone call support is the most asked feature for HomePod. Nonetheless, this means that HomePod users will no longer need to dial a number on their iPhones in order to get audio output on the HomePod.

Improving Siri

Another exciting thing that Apple talked about during WWDC was improving Siri. Improving Siri means that HomePod will get access to a broader range of features since Siri one of the key selling points of Apple’s HomePod.

Currently, Siri can be used on the HomePod to read out texts and to dictated replies. Therefore, Apple fans shouldn’t be surprised to find out that Siri will be able to perform phone calls on the HomePod once the new update arrives.

Update Launch Date

On the downside of things, Apple has yet to mention anything about an upcoming HomePod software update. All that we know about the phone calling feature right now is that its exclusive to iOS 12 developer beta 5 and that it will start rolling out OTA (over the air) once Apple decides to release the public version of iOS 12.


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