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Apple Finally Gives Telegram Permission to Roll Out Updates


We previously reported how Telegram’s CEO accused Apple of not letting the iOS version of the app receive any updates and it looks like Apple has had a sudden change of heart. Telegram CEO Pavel Durov didn’t shy away from telling everyone that Apple has a problem with Telegram and that the Cupertino based tech giant doesn’t want it to receive any more updates.

Telegram CEO Speaks Out

The reason why Telegram’s CEO felt compelled to do that is because Apple recently rolled out its latest iOS 11.4 update and Telegram wasn’t compatible with it. The interesting thing about this being that Telegram was also banned in Russia not too long ago, and it looks like the entire world has turned against Telegram.

We should also mention that Telegram was banned in Russia because the CEO didn’t want to hand out unique user keys to the Russian government, according to Pavel Durov. Therefore, Telegram seems to be putting a high price on the user security and privacy that it offers.

Telegram Receives New iOS Update

Thank you Apple and Tim Cook for letting us deliver the latest version of Telegram to millions of users, despite the recent setbacks” said Pavel Durov over Twitter.

Even though Telegram and Apple haven’t been on good terms this past couple of months, it’s great seeing that Apple was able to put it all behind and allow Telegram to provide essential software updates for its users.

Secure Text Messaging App

If there’s something we can take from this entire Telegram debacle is that this text message app is focused on providing everyone with a secure user experience. Telegram also features end to end encryption which guarantees that all messages are encrypted and that no one can interfere them.