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Apple CarPlay with Waze, Google Maps and More Arriving Soon to iOS 12


One of the most annoying things about getting directions from an iPhone is that Apple Maps are set as default. There are lots of other third-party apps that do a much better job of providing users with navigation routes such as Waze and Google maps for example.

Luckily, Apple acknowledged that and it recently announced that iOS 12 will feature CarPlay which gives iOS users instant access to third-party navigation apps.

Apple CarPlay

The first thing we need to mention about this app is that it has been proven to support third-party apps such as Waze. On the downside of things, CarPlay has been having some issues when it comes to choosing navigation routes because Apple “forces” the app to access Apple Maps and truth be told, Waze is superior.

iOS 12

Apple recently hosted its WWDC 2018 event where it unveiled the highlight features of its upcoming iOS 12 software update and one of those features was the updated CarPlay app. The most interesting thing that Apple unveiled about CarPlay is that it’s already supported by more than 400 cars and that iOS fans can simply plug in their iPhone and use it in their travels.


Waze is renowned for its ability to provide users with the fastest and shortest navigation routes. Waze creates navigation routes that neither Apple Maps nor Google Maps support, but this is not what makes it special. The reason why Waze is so popular is because it allows users to notify everyone about stuff such as road stops, traffic, construction zone, police, crashes and much more.

If you live in a highly populated area where traffic is an issue, then you should consider giving Waze a try. The app also sends out notifications to users about road hazards and police stops which makes it easier to avoid them.