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Apple AirPods 2 Will Arrive in 2019 with Water Resistance, Longer Connection Range and Noise-Cancellation


It’s been quite a while since Apple launched a new audio-device, but it looks like we might not have to wait that long because a recent report from Bloomberg is saying that Apple insider sources are claiming that the Cupertino tech-based giant is adding the finishing touches to the next-generation of AirPods.

Next-Gen AirPods

As all Apple fans know, everything changed when iPhone 7 was launched. iPhone 7 is the first Apple-made device to ship without the classic 3.55mm auxiliary jack and the first iPhone to be bundled with wireless AirPods.

Removing the auxiliary jack was a risky move from Apple, but it worked out in the end because the AirPods provided users with a high-quality audio experience.

Nonetheless, Apple insider sources are saying that the next-generation AirPods will feature noise-cancelation and water resistance. Not just that, but Apple is also looking to increase the range at which the new AirPods can stay connected to an iPhone or iPad.

Launch Date and Price

While it might seem like the next-generation AirPods is ready to launch, this is not the case. Apple still needs to go through the intensive testing phase before it can determine if the new devices are ready to hit the stores.

Therefore, the new AirPods will arrive in 2019. Moreover, Bloomberg is reporting that they will be priced at $158 per pair which makes them a little more expensive than the already existing AirPods.

Biometric Sensors

Apple previously talked about improving the range of features that AirPods offer such as adding biometric sensors which can be used to measure the heart rate. We don’t know if the upcoming AirPods will include biometric sensors, but if they do we can be sure that they will be a key selling point.