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Android Oreo Smartphones Have Free Access to This Cool YouTube Premium Paid Feature


As everyone already knows, YouTube is free to use. However, people who want to take their user experience to the next level and receive access to a wider range of features can pay $12 per month for a YouTube Premium account (previously known as YouTube Red). Having a YouTube Premium account is worth it because it comes with a bunch of exclusive features that make using YouTube more enjoyable.

YouTube Paid Features

Talking about exclusive YouTube features, Android fans should be happy to know that Google’s latest operating system is giving them free access to one of YouTube’s best paid features! People who own smartphones that run on Android Oreo will be able to use YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode.

Android Oreo Gives Free Access to Exclusive Features

The best paid feature that YouTube has to offer is the picture-in-picture mode. This feature is ideal for people who love to multitask on their smartphone because it gives them the option to watch a video in one corner of the smartphone while sending out emails in the other.

Fortunately for Android Oreo users, the picture-in-picture feature is now free to use. On the downside of things, there is no word about when iOS users will receive the same treatment from YouTube.

Premium User Experience

Even though YouTube is giving Android Oreo users free access to the picture-in-picture mode, this is just a glimpse of what a YouTube Premium subscriber gets. YouTube still offers lots of cool features such as an ad-free experience, offline playback, premium music and the ability to lock the smartphone while YouTube is still playing a song.

Therefore, people who pay the $12 subscription fee for a YouTube Premium account will definitely get their money’s worth. Let’s hope that YouTube will keep giving Android Oreo paid features that Android fans can use for free.