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Amazon Still Tries to Develop a New Smartphone


It seems that Jeff Bezos was not convinced that Amazon’s adventures in the realm of smartphones were completed. He talked with various mobile phones manufacturers and it plans to integrate various features in a much more profound way than simply relying on conventional Android applications.

The last time Amazon tried to do this, it was before the announcement of Amazon Fire Phone. According to The Information, Amazon wants to build stronger partnerships with Android phones developers so they can attract more potential users of the future Amazon mobile device.

It seems that the failure of implementing a stable and perfectly optimized operating system was a hard lesson for Bezos, which is why he decided to talk to various mobile phones manufacturers at a “factory level”. In this way Amazon could gain some influence over how the Android operating system gets installed on different phones. The intriguing part of this situation is that Amazon made this move without any authorization from Google, which is the owner of the Android operating system.

However, Amazon has many Android APIs, especially for Kindle tablets based on this operating system, so Bezos company’s claims on the subject are not so exaggerated and the implementation of these new features on mobile phones might be limited to these APIs.

In addition, the failure of Android Fire Phone ruined the relations that Amazon had with a number of manufacturers, and now it’s possible that the American giant might try to mend old ties given, the possibility of developing a new phone.