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Amazon Ends Live Video Tech Support For Fire Tablets – Mayday Service Will Be Discontinued This Month


It seems that Amazon is ending live video tech support for Fire Tablets, but on the other hand, tech support reps can still use the screen-sharing tool.

Lots of users saw Mayday as being one of the most brilliant features ever.

Mayday allowed users to video call tech support

This functionality allowed users to call tech support reps on the Amazon devices just in a few seconds and those reps turned out really helpful for people who were trying to fix all kinds of issues.

The help was offered via live videos at the push of a single button and you have to admit that this was awesome while it lasted.

Unfortunately, Amazon decided that it’s time to wave goodbye to this amazing feature as it’s preparing its grave.

Mayday will stop working by the end of June.

GeekWire is the website that noticed a memo posted on Mayday’s support page that says:  “The Mayday video calling service will be discontinued in June 2018.”

The feature was indeed useful for lots of users but it’s pretty obvious that it did not turn out exactly how Amazon planned if they decided to drop it altogether.

It probably did not move the needle in the tech industry and Amazon now has Alexa which also offers basic tech support and does not need to be paid for it.

Mayday is killed on Fire tablets 

GeekWire asked Amazon about their decision to end Mayday and the company said that the main reason behind this is because the “video calling service was offered on legacy devices that are no longer sold by Amazon.com.”

In other words, users who own a Fire tablet will have to either call or email the company via the Quick Actions menu on their device or via the Help App is they really need some kind of assistance.

Tech support reps will be still able to use Mayday’s screen-sharing tool on supported devices in order to show users how to fix various issues.