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Amazon Announces Huge Update for Alexa (New Features)


Amazon hosted a surprise event yesterday where it announced all its upcoming devices and software updates. Even though the highlight of the event was the refreshed Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Show, what everyone is talking about today is the new updates that Alexa is scheduled to receive. Amazon seems to know that Alexa is the main reason its Echo devices are selling so well and the e-commerce giant keeps releasing updates that improve the AI assistant’s performances.

Today we are going to check out everything that Amazon announced regarding Alexa so that everyone can get an idea of just how powerful Amazon’s AI assistant is going to be after the new update arrives. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Alexa Guard

The feature that left everyone in awe is Alexa Guard. People who own Amazon smart speakers will be able to trigger a new command by saying the following line “Alexa, I’m leaving”. After Alexa hears this command, the AI assistant will go in full protection mode and it will alert users if it hears shattering glass, carbon monoxide alarms or smoke detectors. To make things even better, Alexa will also be able to communicate with other smart home products such as alarm systems and light sensors.

Added Support for Emails

Amazon is proud to announce that Alexa will feature email integration. Users can link up their Outlook, Hotmail or Gmail email with the smart speaker and Alexa will be able to give users information about their emails. Not just that, but Alexa will also be able to reply to emails which makes this feature really useful.

Overlapping Groups

Most people use Alexa to play music and people who have more than one smart speakers in their home will be to place them in an overlapping group. This means that Amazon’s smart speakers will be able to play the same song in the entire house.


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