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Alexa Will Now Memorize Difficult Questions and Answer Them Later


Amazon announced that it plans to start rolling out an OTA (over the air) update for Alexa and that it contains a bunch of cool features. The update will automatically arrive to all Echo smart speakers and it adds a new feature that makes it possible for Alexa to memorize questions that she can’t answer and then return when she manages to find a proper answer.

Alexa Will Now Memorize Questions

The first one to figure out that Alexa will start memorizing questions after receiving the new update is Bret Kinsella who is a writer for Voicebot.

The writer was asked by Alexa if he wishes to activate the “Answer Updates” feature and right after that, Alexa said the following line: “If you ask me a question and I don’t know the answer but I find out later, I’ll notify you”.

Nonetheless, news of the cool feature started making headlines and Amazon decided to confirm that the update will arrive in the upcoming days. Furthermore, Amazon said that the new feature will make Alexa more “sophisticated” since she will no longer reply with “Sorry, I didn’t understand the question,” every time she doesn’t know the answer.

Alexa Is Getting Smarter

“The Alexa service is getting smarter every day, and Answer Updates is just another way we’re continuing to expand Alexa’s Knowledge Graph,” said one of Amazon’s spokesperson. We should mention that the Knowledge Graph is the name that Amazon uses for Alexa’s information database.

Competing Against Google Home

Google Home is Alexa’s biggest rival and the folks at Amazon are doing their best to expand Alexa’s information database in order to compete with it. However, Google Home has a bigger information database which comes as a courtesy of Google’s search engine history.


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