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Adobe Flash 0Day Vulnerability Fixed In An Emergency Patch Released By Adobe Earlier


Adobe Flash simply doesn’t want to die in peace. Its end has been already announced for 2020, but, in the meantime, it still causes us problems. Adobe has announced that it has discovered another 0day vulnerability in Adobe Flash which allows an attacker to take control of the victim’s PC, as reported by The Register.

The most recent Adobe Flash 0day vulnerability is already exploited by cyber attackers in Asia

Most seriously, this vulnerability, called CVE-2018-5002, is being exploited by cyber-criminals in Asia right now to take control over the affected computers.

The malicious code is hidden in Office documents that can run Adobe Flash, distributed by email. If someone opens that file, the malware takes advantage of the Adobe Flash 0day vulnerability to take control over the infected PC.

Thus, hackers can steal private data or perform remote attacks from that PC.

Adobe released an emergency patch to fix this serious Adobe Flash 0day vulnerability

In 2005, 98% of computers connected to the Internet used Adobe Flash.

Just over a decade later, cornered by malware and its low performance, Adobe Flash is no longer installed in browsers.

However, many websites still use it and ask you to install it in order to access the content. It’s quite likely that you have it installed without knowing it.

Adobe recommends upgrading Adobe Flash on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems as soon as possible, as the patch that covers this Adobe Flash 0Day vulnerability is already being distributed on all the before-mentioned systems.

To install it in Windows 10, the easiest way to do it is to go to Cortana or the Windows browser and type “Updates”. Then click on the Check for updates option in the results list. Windows will automatically download the update if you have Adobe Flash already installed on your system.