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4 Ways to Listen to Music on the Amazon Echo


The Amazon Echo is the number one smart home speaker of the moment. There are countless things that you can do with it from the comfort of your own home, and listening to music is certainly one of them. The Amazon Echo, as well as its sibling the Amazon Echo Dot, are amazing devices for streaming music. They offer top notch audio quality, and there is a variety of ways to gain access to the music that you want to listen to. Here are the four best ways to listen to music on the Amazon Echo.

Stream from Your Phone

The first and most desirable way of listening to music on your Amazon Echo smart home speaker is to stream the tunes directly from your phone via Bluetooth. Your Amazon Echo device has a Bluetooth connection option, and you can even voice command it through Alexa. Activate the Bluetooth on your phone, put it next to the Amazon Echo and then say “Alexa, pair”. Your Alexa operated Amazon Echo will now go into pairing mode.

Go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings screen and tap on the Amazon Echo device when it appears. You can also connect your Amazon Echo with your phone via Bluetooth from the Alexa app directly. Now go to your Music folder or any other audio app that you have on your phone, and the music you play from it should be played on Amazon Echo directly.

Stream from Your Computer

You can also stream through the Amazon Echo smart home speaker directly from your computer. Just go to the official Amazon Alexa web services and log in using your Amazon account. Pair your computer with Alexa via Bluetooth from the site just like you would with your phone via the Alexa app. Now any audio program that you play on your computer will be channeled directly through your Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot speaker.

Amazon Echo Partner Music Streaming Services

For the creation of the Amazon Echo smart home speaker, Amazon paired up with a few streaming services, and these should be available in your Alexa app directly. Just open the mobile app and go to the “Music, Video & Books” section on it. Then select the service you wish to stream music or other media from. If you’re accessing the service for the first time, the app will also ask you to log into your Amazon account.

Upload Music to Amazon Music

Your Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot smart home speaker also has access to the entire Amazon Music library, but only if you get a Prime membership. For the basic level, you get access to more than 2 million songs, and if you still want more you can upgrade to an Amazon Music Unlimited plan to gain access to ten million songs. Ten million songs are more than you can ever listen to in a lifetime, but if you still need more, then there is also another option.

You can also upload your own music to Amazon Music. In order to do so, download and install the app on your computer. Then open it, and click on the “My Music” section. There should be an “Upload Select Music” button on the right somewhere, so click on it. Then select the folder from which you wish to upload music to Amazon Music, and then select the album, song or whatever you want to upload. After the upload is complete, click “OK”. Your music should now be available for Alexa to send to your Amazon Echo device.