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3 Reasons Why Mozilla Firefox Quantum Could Overcome Google Chrome, Eventually


For several years now, Google Chrome has been the browser that dominates everything on the Internet. But now Mozilla Firefox wants to end Chrome’s domination.

According to the stats, as of May 2018, 67% of Internet traffic passes through Chrome. Far behind are the rest, with Firefox retaining 11%, Microsoft Edge/Explorer 7%, and Safari 5%.

But Mozilla released Firefox Quantum at the end of last year and, over the months, it has gained followers.

3 reason why Mozilla Firefox Quantum could overcome Google Chrome


The extensions that can be installed in Firefox are not so many as on Chrome, but they are much more secure.

While in Firefox Quantum you can activate one that directly prevents internet crawlers from collecting your data, in Chrome you have to install a third-party extension, with the inconvenience that this entails.

Also, Firefox Quantum offers the Facebook container that automatically prevents the social network from tracking your movements through your browser, isolating your profile from other Internet activities.


Some websites claim that Firefox is faster than Chrome and others say otherwise.

The New York Times technology expert Brian X. Chen writes in an article that, having tried both for several months, you can say that both are “just as fast.”

The difference between the two is that Firefox Quantum optimizes resources and reuses them.

Resources consumption

A faster and lighter browser also means less memory is needed.

Mozilla Firefox Quantum promises up to 30% less RAM consumption, and this ultimately impacts battery life on laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

The bottom line

Even though Google Chrome is the most used Internet browser, the relatively new Mozilla Firefox Quantum has some advantages over Chrome.

First, regarding privacy, Mozilla has every reason in the world to attract users with more privacy, while Google is primarily an advertising company so has no reasons for investing much in a more private browser.

While regarding speed, both browsers are similar, regarding resources consumption Firefox Quantum “eats” less RAM and CPU than Google Chrome.

In conclusion, you choose which one you think is suitable for you, but, in the long-term, Firefox Quantum might become the most used Internet browser.