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2018 iPhone Lineup Brings Super-Fast Charging


Apple is currently adding the finishing touches to its 2018 iPhone lineup and the entire world is excited about it. Even though there are many other tech companies which launch premium smartphones, there aren’t that many companies which manage to get people so excited about their products like Apple does. There is something special about every new iPhone that comes out and Apple does a great job marketing its devices.

Nonetheless, Samsung raised the standards when it launches Galaxy S9 and Apple is expected to step up its game and come out with an even more powerful smartphone that’s paired with innovative features, such as last year’s Face ID technology.

Sacrificing Battery Life for Slimmer Smartphones

The one thing all smartphone fans have been asking for is better battery life. However, tech companies such as Apple and Samsung sacrifice battery life in favor of slimming down their flagship smartphones. While having a slim and light smartphone might be nice, longer battery life would be so much better.

Faster Battery Charge

On the bright side of things, Apple is looking to make up for the reduced battery life by offering an even faster battery charge time than usual. Numerous reports are showing that Apple has teamed up with new tech suppliers who produce high-powered charging components.

Therefore, we have strong reason to believe that Apple is looking to enhance the speed at which the 2018 iPhone lineup charge their batteries. In addition, Rosenblatt Securities analyst Jun Zhang is saying that Apple plans to upgrade its 5-volt, 2-amp circuitry to 9-volt, 2-amp.

The upgraded circuitry system will give iPhones the ability to “support more applications, provide a quicker recharge, and better compete with Android OEMs” according to the Rosenblatt Securities analyst Jun Zhang.