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2018 Apple Watch Press Render Reveals Bigger Display and Sleek Design


While the entire world is talking about Apple’s next-generation of iPhone X, the Cupertino based tech giant is adding the finishing touches to the 2018 Apple Watch. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t want to reveal too much information about the new smartwatch because the company is renowned for loving to use the element of surprise every time it launches a new device.

On the bright side of things, a new press render of 2018 Apple Watch surfaced on the web and we can finally get a glimpse of what’s to come. Although, we have to mention that the pictures are rendered images and that everything is subjective to change.

2018 Apple Watch

The first thing that stands out when looking at the concept pictures for 2018 Apple Watch is the fact that Apple plans to equip the smartwatch with a bigger display. This was to be expected and we can be sure that it’s going to help 2018 Apple Watch become a bestseller.

Expected Measurements

Even though we might not be able to guess the device’s measurements from the concept pictures, Ming-Chi Kuo from TF International Securities is reporting that 2018 Apple Watch will measure in at 40mm (1.57-inch) and 45mm (1.78-inch). “A bigger display will enhance the display of more information on screen and accommodate a bigger battery capacity for longer battery life” added Kuo.

We should note that Ming-Chi Kuo has managed to leak lots of information about Apple’s upcoming devices such as iPhones and all this information has been proven true. Therefore, we strongly believe that 2018 Apple Watch will indeed measure as the TF International Securities analyst is saying.

Hardware Improvements

Apple is not just going to improve 2018 Apple Watch’s design by adding a bigger display because the company is also rumored to equip the device with better hardware components such as a better CPU and bigger battery.


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